Picture inside Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym

Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym

With a capacity of 2,500, Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym is the liveliest place in town on game days. Named after the 15th ranked all-time NJCAA coach Swede Erickson and a career that spanned 26 years at Casper College (636-234), the gym is home to Thunderbird Volleyball and Basketball. It features a dedicated student section called the “Thunder Zone,” a Division I locker rooms and training facilities.


Fitness Center

Located in the same building as the Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym, the T-Bird Fitness center is accessible by students and athletes six days a week. It features a full range of circuit strength equipment, free weights, cardio machines, a stretching area, exercise balls, and weighted medicine balls. The fitness center supports athletic training, Casper College courses, and employee wellness.


For more information, contact T-Bird Athletics at:

125 College Drive, Casper, WY 82601

Telephone: (307) 268-3000